Rivets by Specialinsert®


Designed to make static mechanical fastenings, where welding is not possible, the rivets can be used on laminates, plastics and composites, with the dual/double advantage of being able to join more than two elements at a time, even of different materials.

The mechanical joining process ensures a high-strength fixing with an easy and quick installation, thanks to the use of special equipment. In particular, the rivets are ideal for applications on sheet metal or blind parts such as pipes, boxed sections or profiles, or in case of access to a single side of the surfaces to be connected. In this sense, both threaded tubular rivets and blind rivets are offered in the range: the former are used to create threaded seats suitable for screws or studs, the latter to join two elements.

The deformed threaded tubular rivets represent a valid alternative to the weld nuts, by virtue of a simple and immediate installation, even on already finished parts, through the drilling of the receiving material, the insertion of the rivet and its deformation. The mechanism for installing the blind rivets, declined in a wide range of types according to the design requirements, allows instead, to assemble the components by creating a counter-head for deformation, where it is not possible to proceed with the riveting and allows to operate also in the presence of small spaces given the small size of the riveters.

The evolution of the rivets and the history of Specialinsert® are deeply connected: the first insert produced by the company, since 1974, IT is precisely Deform-Nut®, the deformable threaded tubular rivet. In the following years, Specialinsert® starts the UNI standardization process of Deform-Nut®, participating in the UNI’s Mechanical Orders Commission, as a member for the drafting of the first standards on rivets.

Threaded rivets

The Deform-Nut® deformable threaded tubular rivet by Specialinsert®, available in cylindrical, hexagonal or semi-hexagonal shank versions, allows you to obtain a thread on small thicknesses, in materials ranging from aluminum to steel, to plastic and composites , with a minimum thickness of 0.5mm, guaranteeing maximum hold and excellent aesthetic results.

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Blind rivets

 Finally, where the thickness of the two elements to be assembled varies, Specialinsert® provides wide-tightening rivets, with deformable body shape and size suitable to ensure optimal yield.

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