• Deform-Nut SC and SC/1

    The Deform-nut SC is a threaded tubolar rivet comprised of a threaded tubular insert and a threaded bush. The Deform-nut SC allows you to provide a blocking action solution on sandwich panels. It can be adjusted and can be used on different thickness ranges, providing a prompt and easy anchoring system. The TC/SC/1 is an extra short knurled threaded tubular rivet particularly suitable for sandwich panels. Patented products

  • Master Plate

    The set expects a base plate and the fastening which can be or pin or bush, and it offers perfect solutions to achieve a suitable fastening on composite materials. The set is assembled by embedding, or at stage of pressing, or by sticking of the plate on the base. The various forms of the base plaque offer flexibility at stage of application on the substrate

  • Keep-Nut

    KEEP-NUT is a revolutionary press-in insert with mechanical anchoring to create threaded seat on panels, even thin, made of marble, granite or other stone materials, and moreover on composite, carbon, corian ®, HPL, glass, and others compact materials.

  • Deform-Nut

    A tubular threaded rivet conforming to UNI standards. Suitable for assemblies on metal sheet sections and “blind” parts, such as boxes or pipes. This rivet can be easily and quickly installed, and is particularly suggested for solving any threading problems on small thicknesses. It can be applied at any stage of the production process.

  • Deform-Stud

    It is a threaded pin on a tubular rivet. Assembly on laminates, and "blind" parts such as boxes or pipes. Quick and easy to install, the threaded pin allows to obtain centerings or fixings with a check function. It can be applied at any stage of the production process.

  • Ensat

    Self-threading metal bushes with special internal and external threads provided with particular tapping splits or holes.These parts are particularly suggested for lowstrength materials requiring seats with high strength properties against tensile stress and wear. These parts may also be used for regenerating damaged threads.

  • Dowel-Insert

    It's a metal bush with internal and external thread. Installed into threaded holes guarantees it's self-locking effect thanks to the dowels. Suggest for low resisance materials where it's important to have an high torque force. Available also with self-locking internal thread.

  • Fastmount

    The Fastmount is a revolutionary, patented system that allows fast fixing of removable and non-removable coatings. It is anti-vibration and guarantees precise alignments and perfect finishes when installing internal and external panels. The practicality of the system allows, with the simple traction, the release and the removal of the panel, acting with the single pressure, the assembly is obtained preserving the original positioning. The Fastmount has been designed and developed to meet the needs of the industry of transports, aeronautics, boating, construction, furniture, fittings, etc.

  • Insert Plast

    A brass threaded bush to be pressure installed, which is anchored by expansion when thread of the screw is inserted. This part can be extensively used when high torsion torques and tensile stress loads are required on plastic materials, compound materials, etc.