The production plant -5.500 sqm- located in Maerne di Martellago includes:

  • cold molding production lines (materials: steel and stainless steel);
  • production lines by turning process (materials: steel-stainless steel-titanium-brass);
  • production lines with CNC machines (materials: steel-stainless steel-titanium-brass)
  • tapping production lines;
  • heat treatment and washing lines;
  • 100% mechanical and optical quality control lines;
  • automated logistics integrated with the company database;
  • workshop and tooling for equipment maintenance and construction;
  • lab with traditional, optical and laser scanning measuring instruments.

All the business processes, both productive and non-productive, are interconnected to the company database, establishing the Specialinsert® Industry 4.0


For a correct and effective picking management, Specialinsert® is equipped with seven vertical warehouses, ensuring to the process a high performance in terms of speed of management and order fulfillment.

The “picking management” is completed by the six-station “Put to Light” order preparation desk, which allows operators to simultaneously prepare orders, associated with the “check” area for final verification before shipment to the customer.