Fixed for innovation

A constant search for excellence, aimed at developing innovative and increasingly performing fastening systems for an ever-changing market: this is the passion of Specialinsert®.

At the heart of the company is R&D, which is an important competitive lever and where significant investments are made. Each stage of product production is, in fact, managed internally according to high standards of quality and control. Process centralization encourages trial of new technologies, which rests its solid foundations on expertise and know-how aimed at achieving always higher standards. The company thus becomes the engine of change itself, playing a proactive role in relation to demand.

Known on the market for its ability to respond to every challenge, Specialinsert® is, in fact, able to intervene on the wide range of catalogue products, customizing them according to the specific needs of the customer, in terms of shape, size or materials. In addition, the R&D Department is able to carry out performance tests and create prototypes of the new fastening systems on 3D printers.

There is fastening system for every sector

An ally of excellence for any need: Specialinsert® offers an extremely wide and versatile range of products. In fact, the company offers an important assortment of solutions ranging from threaded tubular rivets to bushes for plastic, from wire inserts to self-tapping inserts and inserts for composites, solid surfaces, stone; from blind rivets to quick release quarter turn fasteners and bushes for wood and similar materials.

Specialinsert® fixing systems  are organized into four sectors:

  • Inserts for sheet metal sections
  • Inserts for solid parts
  • Inserts for plastic materials
  • Inserts for composite materials

Our inserts are ideal for multiple applications and sectors such as: automotive, rail, nautical, aerospace, transportation, ground-moving vehicles, motor industry, machine tools, electronics and electro mechanics, appliances, furniture and interior design, construction, etc


Specialinsert®, 6 times unique

  • Specialinsert® (company brand)
  • FAST-CON®: Quick snap fastening system in stainless steel, that allows to quickly connect panels and coverings by simply pressing; any removal occurs by exerting a slight traction on the panel.
  • Deform-Nut®: the deformable threaded tubular rivet can be applied on any type of material such as aluminum, steel, composites, plastics and is ideal for applications on blind parts where there is no access inside, such as tubes, laminates, profiled and box-shaped
  • Deform-Ti®: the deformable threaded tubular rivet in Titanium, designed for laminate installations and composite panels, which ensures an excellent performance in the automotive, nautical and chemical sectors, reducing the weights
  • Filtec®: the helical thread insert (standard or braked), is used in all sectors of the industry where excellent thread sealing is essential in high-quality assemblies
  • Keep-Nut®: a revolutionary press-in system with mechanical anchorage for slabs also with thin thicknesses of marble, granite or other natural stone as well as on composites, carbon, Corian®, HPL and glass. It is also ideal for ventilated facades, wall-coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary elements, funeral art, etc. In addition, Keep-Nut® is ETA certified for porcelain stoneware
  • Master-Plate®: bushes and studs for bonding, used in automotive, rail, nautical, transport, furniture and construction segments and can be applied on all kinds of material


As proof of the exclusivity of its solutions, Specialinsert® owns several patents, which certify the validity of the components and methodologies used:

  • 4 Invention Patents:
    1. Snap closure with mechanical tension adjustment (FAST-CON®)
    2. Threaded coupling complex of threaded tubular rivet nut and spacer bush (Deform-Nut® TC/SC)
    3. Threaded tubular self-locking rivet nut (self-locking Deform-Nut®)
    4. Press-in self-anchoring threaded insert and related assembly process (Keep-Nut®)
  • 12 Utility Model Patents