Sales assistance

One of the pillars of Specialinsert‘s success® is the careful listening of the customers for an in-depth understanding of their needs accompanied by the ability to accompany them, step by step, in choosing the most suitable fastening system for each specific need.

Specialinsert® is able to respond promptly to every request thanks to two distinctive elements, added value of the company:

  • a qualified team of commercial technicians. Currently composed of 9 salesman located in various areas of Italy and a representative for the foreign countries, who supports and coordinates distributors at international level, directly employed by the Company
  • three sales offices

Elements that guarantee a direct and constant presence, at local level, aimed at offering complete advice for any type of order.

Specialinsert®’s advice includes:

  1. Sharing objectives and requirements of the project with the client and, if necessary, inspection on customer’s premises
  2. In-depth analysis of the application specificity and materials used
  3. Choice of the fastening system:
      • identifying the most suitable fastener among more than 5,000 references in the catalogue
      • customizing an existing product with innovations in size, shapes and materials
      • creation of ad hoc solutions, including:
            1. design
            2. prototyping
            3. start-up of production
            4. production

Qualified assistance that, together with the reliability and quality made in Italy of the fastening systems offered, becomes the primary reason why customers choose to rely on Specialinsert® as a reference partner