Who we are

Specialinsert® in figures                             

Specialinsert® is an Italian industrial company specialized in production and sale of fastening systems, which include both catalogue and special inserts for laminates, solid parts, plastics and composites. A company strongly oriented to R&D and product innovation: levers successfully pursued in over 45 years of activity, together with a thoughtful export strategy in more than 70 countries.

Specialinsert®: the essence of the company is in its brand. Created to build a direct association between core business and development potential, this brand fully expresses the company’s vocation: an entrepreneurial spirit oriented to the constant pursuit of excellence in fastening systems, thanks to the ability to innovate while remaining true to its own tradition and identity.

Our figures:

  • More than 10 million euros in sales in 2022
  • 100 million fastening systems manufactured per year
  • 62 employees
  • 2 production sites: Turin (3000 m2) and Maerne di Martellago (5,500 m2)
  • 1 branch in Milan (1,000 m2) with commercial and marketing offices.

Pioneer in fasteners systems

The history of Specialinsert® originates from the technical and sale expertise of its founders: Piero Arduini, Carlo Gatti and Dino Lisso. It is to them that we owe the modification of the Deform-nut® threaded tubular rivet with the dimensional specifications from inches to millimetres, adapting the product to the international system of metric units used in the Italian market: a simple but brilliant intuition.

Specialinsert S.n.c. by Gatti C.&C. was founded in 1974 and initially was operating as a sale company. The aim of the three partners was to overcome the regulatory and fiscal constraints that weighed on the multinationals’ products import from abroad, thus intercept a growing demand in the sector by proposing Made in Italy fastening systems.

The flagship product of that time is Deform-Nut®, the deformable threaded tubular rivet, thanks to which Specialinsert® revolutionizes the Italian market of fastening systems offering rivets with excellent performance.

1979 is a turning point in determining the foundations of the future evolution of Specialinsert®. This year, the three founding partners create the company New Fasteners, based in Trivignano, fully dedicated to the production of Deform-Nut®. Arduini, Gatti and Lisso once again place their skills and solid know-how, capitalized over the years, at the service of innovation: the knurling of Deform-Nut® is changed, from the vertical original direction, into oblique, thus improving the tightness of the rivet. In 1986, Specialinsert® began the process of UNI normalization of Deform-Nut®, proposing its certification. Two years later, the company became a member of the Commissione Organi Meccanici (Mechanical Organs Committee) at UNI (the Italian National Standardization body) for the drafting of the first rules on rivets nuts.

The company’s development was consolidated with the merger, in 1989, of Specialinsert® and New Fasteners and with the opening, in 1991, of the production plant in Maerne di Martellago, in the province of Venice.

In 2011, the Gatti family left the company. Growth continues with the second generation: a look to the future, in full respect of the ethical and cultural values learned from the founding members. An all-female generational shift, with Cinzia Arduini as CEO, Monica Arduini as Head of Human Resources.

Strategic Guidelines

For Specialinsert®, innovation is an opportunity to be seized every day: our products are the result of a careful R&D process, in which technological innovation and know-how find their maximum expression, in order to reach standards of higher and higher efficiency.

Design, prototyping and study of the products: each stage is directly controlled by Specialinsert®, within the Test Labs in Turin and Maerne. Thanks to the close collaboration with the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities, the company is constantly striving to seek new solutions to new challenges, to make the most of the new generations’ talent as the engine of evolution.

Another success factor of Specialinsert®, recognized in Italy and abroad, is its highly qualified consulting service, guaranteed by a team of technicians-salesmen, integrated into the principal’s business, which are trained and updated constantly


Customers, suppliers, partners and employees, recognize to our company a strong ethical sense in our business conduct and a success based on focussing on people.

A responsibility also aimed at the community and the territory, being aware of the role that Specialinsert® plays as a promoter of social and economic growth. This is demonstrated by various welfare initiatives implemented in order to improve the working climate, renew the motivation and support the workers’ purchasing power, promoting their mental and physical well-being and the quality of their personal and family life.


“To establish ourselves in the market as an innovative company, constantly evolving and able to develop customized solutions, technologically advanced as well as offering cutting-edge services.” Innovative by nature also within the company: Specialinsert®, in line with its mission, has embraced in 2018 a wider project in terms of Industry 4.0, evolving into a smart factory. A radical revolution aimed at increasing production capacity and introducing new materials, in favor of greater customization, quality and, consequently, customer loyalty.


“Providing more innovative fastening systems, in every industry and use.”

Why choose us:

  • R&D focused on creating innovative and high-performing fastening systems
  • Highly qualified advice guaranteed by a sales network made of technicians employed by the company
  • On-site or remote technical support, available during all phases of the project
  • For every sector, a wide range of ideal solutions
  • High expertise and specialization
  • Production versatility and flexibility and product customization