Threaded Bushes


Threaded bushes are ideal fasteners to create connections with high mechanical strength as well as to re-tap worn threads. Specialinsert® range of threaded bushes, in steel, stainless steel and brass, includes a wide selection of shapes, types and sizes, in order to meet the specifics of each project.

Suitable for applications on metal sheets, wood, plastics, composites, stone materials and solid surfaces, these fasteners provide different insertion methods, depending on the receiving material: pressure systems, installed manually or with the help of special pneumatic equipment, are used on laminates, wood and stone materials.

Always for wood, self-threading bushes are available, which can be inserted by screwing or by pressure with expansion anchorage, able to penetrate the receiving material, ensuring a high-sealed fixation. The range dedicated to metal sheets also includes welding systems and riveting bushes, which have an opposite edge, specifically made for a firmer tightening of the components.

An innovative solution is the threaded bush to test tubes, an exclusive Specialinsert® product designed to obtain threads inside the tube, without the help of welding or adhesive respecting the detail’s aesthetics. Lastly, for plastics, Specialinsert® offers solutions to be installed by hot processes, with ultrasound or during the molding process.

Threaded bushes for wood

In order to create threaded metal connections on soft materials, such as wood and resins, characterized by low sealing levels

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Threaded bushes for metal laminates

Within the Specialinsert® range dedicated to metal laminates, the Clifa series stands out:  cylindrical pressure nuts, with particularly small dimensions, ideal for installations on light carpentries.

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Threaded bushes for stones and solid surface

From classic marble, to granite, to composites, to carbon and glass, all the way down to Corian®, HPL and other innovative types of solid surface.

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