Threaded bushes for wood

espand nut

In order to create threaded metal connections on soft materials, such as wood and resins, characterized by low sealing levels, Specialinsert® proposes a range of bushes which have a particularly accentuated external threaded profile, able to penetrate into the receiving material and ensuring high resistance.

Depending on the needs, it is possible to opt for expansion, pressure or self-tapping systems. Espand-Nut is the expanding brass bush, characterized by a hexagonal end aimed at ensuring resistance to twisting. Its particular carving shape, during screwing, provides the expansion of the wings for anchoring to the receiving material. Espand-Nut is ideal for fixings not to be removed and, given its small size, is particularly used in the furniture industry, for paneling, doors and hinges.

Griff-Nut also stands out in the Specialinsert® portfolio, a pressed nut with pressure insertion characterized by four jaws that penetrate the wood, ensuring a strong resistance to traction and torsion, maximized by the flange with a stop function, on the opposite side to insertion.

Used in case of paneling settings, for caravan outfitting, it is also used in climbing gyms, for fixing wall mounts. For high precision installations, Specialinsert® offers the Ensat 309 self-threading bushes, used on components that require precise adjustments and in the sector of making models in wood and resin.

Equipped with slits for cutting the chip, Ensat 309 has a special metric and external internal thread, with a very pronounced helix, designed to ensure high mechanical strength. Worthy of note, lastly, Elic Wood, the bush with hexagon socket with internal metric thread and special external thread that stands out for its large adherence surface and strong anchoring on soft materials.