Threaded bushes for metal laminates

crown nut

Within the Specialinsert® range dedicated to metal laminates, the Clifa series stands out:  cylindrical pressure nuts, with particularly small dimensions, ideal for installations on light carpentries.

Available in a variety of versions, from nuts with through-hole thread, to the spacer and anchoring bushes, they combine reduced dimensions and weights with a high aesthetic result, shaping up as a solution widely used in the electronic and household electrical appliance sectors. Anchor is the most suitable system for application areas where high torsion, traction, thrust and shear strengths are required. It is a nut with pressure anchoring by means of riveting.

Sald-Nut welded bushes in steel sheets are of particular use for transport, automotive, naval, as well as furniture and household electrical appliance sectors. Depending on the application needs and the welding process used, these systems have flanges with internal or external bosses. Among the pressure solutions, the particular geometry of the Clifa self-locking bush also stands out, characterized by a knurling designed to penetrate the sheet metal during insertion, in order to ensure its anchoring to the receiving material.

Finally, the flagship of Specialinsert® is Crown-Nut, the innovative threaded insert with pressure insertion for round and square tubes, guaranteeing high sealing performance. Available in the version with or without a stop flange, this exclusive system is equipped with elastic serrated crowns that allow the use of the same product code for pipes with various diameters, solving any problems related to their possible shrinkage and production differences.