Studs by Specialinsert®


Widely used for quick and simple fastening and for connecting different components, studs are available in a variety of almost infinite versions in terms of shapes and sizes, which provide for each specific material a different insertion process. For the world of laminates, the Specialinsert® portfolio ranges from threaded deformation studs to self-clinching studs, to welding systems.

The Company also offers a wide range of brass products dedicated to the plastics sector such as Mubux inserts, applicable by pressure and the S-Lok series, which includes studs embedded in the receiving material by co-molding or inserted via hot processes, that is by applying the heated metal component on the plastic that expands to accommodate it.

Another technique used in this area is the use of ultrasound: the electric frequency transmits vibrations to the metal insert, which, in turn, generating heat in contact with the plastic material, softens the material itself and allows the introduction of the fastening system. Among the Specialinsert® pins there is also the snap-on series, available in the two versions with traction (Bi-Fix/S) or ¼ turn (Bi-Fix) release . Assembled in the receptacle by pressure, Bi-Fix / S has a pin with a hemisphere head, which allows you to extract the system by simple traction The Bi-Fix anti-vibrant system consists, instead, of a bayonet stud and a spring receptacle suitable for receiving it, available in riveting, screwing, welding, angled or interlocking versions according to the type of assembly.

Maximum versatility also for the stud: thanks to the desired maneuverability, it is possible to opt for the type with wing, dome or knurled head. Both snap studs are ideal for applications where frequent removals are needed, such as panels or doors of electrical panels, racks, heating systems, electronic equipment, as well as in aeronautics and for earth moving machines.

Threaded Studs

Deform-Stud, the threaded stud assembled on a deformable tubular rivet in galvanized steel.

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Welding Studs

The welding systems ensure a high-strength fixing, without drilling holes on the receiving sheet metal and are therefore an ideal solution for installations where a watertight seal is required.

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