Threaded Studs by Specialinsert

Deform stud

For applications on laminates and blind parts such as boxed sections, profiles or pipes, Specialinsert® offers Deform-Stud, the threaded stud assembled on a deformable tubular rivet in galvanized steel.

The system allows to obtain a threaded stud even on thin thicknesses, it can be applied at any stage of the production process by means of special equipment and does not require subsequent processing.

Another possibility for applications on laminates is represented by Clifa threaded self-locking studs, made of steel or stainless steel. Inserted by means of suitable pressure instruments, they have a notched head that penetrates the sheet, ensuring a connection with high mechanical resistance.

The correct application ensures a final conformation flush with the receiving surface, for a good aesthetic result. Within the range of self-clinching inserts, the self-clinching panel fasteners also stand out, systems consisting of a bush with a notched profile at the end, coupled with a special screw, whose particular shape prevents the total unscrewing from the screw itself.

Produced in nickel-plated steel, the self-clinching panel fasteners are applied by pressure and are completed by a contrasting spring which guarantees that they return to their resting position. Worthy of note, for the world of composites, is Master-plate®, composed of a threaded stud installed on a base plate of various shapes and sizes, which has holes suitable for ensuring the fixing of the system to the receiving material through the drawing of the glue or during molding. Mostly used in the niche nautical and automotive sector, it is ideal for applications on carbon fiber, resins or derivatives.