The Specialinsert Approch

Rapid response times, the guarantee of a constant presence and careful listening of the customer for an in-depth understanding of his needs: the Specialinsert® experts provide a solid know-how and high technical skills, for a top-level advice to identify which are the most suitable fasteners. The method applied is in 9 steps for the development of the best solution, designed according to the project and its technical requirements

  1. Sharing objectives and requirements of the project with the client and, if necessary, inspection on customer’s premises
  2. In-depth analysis with the customer of the specifics of the applications and the materials used
  3. Choice of the fastening system:
  4. Identifying the most suitable fastener among more than 5,000 references in the catalogue
  5. Customizing an existing product with innovations in size, shapes and materials
  6. Creating ad hoc solutions
  7. Technical feasibility study
  8. Sharing results with the customer
  9. Prototyping/Sampling
  10. Performance tests, to define the most suitable product detail and check its suitability for the specific application
  11. Pilot line production
  12. Installation service