• Filtec

    A special inserted thread designed for producing or regenerating threaded seats submitted to heavy static or dynamic loads, even at very high temperatures. Particularly suggested in case of frequent tightening operations and when there is risk of corrosion, this part has a spring shape and a lozenge square section.Available both in the standard version and in the screw-lock version

  • Filtec-Nut

    A symmetric self-locking nut with an internal seat consisting of a Filtec screw-lock inserted thread. It is a very strong part, particularly suggested in case of high temperatures, vibrations, dynamic loads and corrosion.

  • Ensat

    Self-threading metal bushes with special internal and external threads provided with particular tapping splits or holes.These parts are particularly suggested for lowstrength materials requiring seats with high strength properties against tensile stress and wear. These parts may also be used for regenerating damaged threads.

  • Mubux-M

    Threaded brass bushes and studs to be pressure installed, particularly suitable for stiff thermoplastic material assemblies.Their external geometry ensures perfect anchoring to the receiving material.

  • Dowel-Insert

    It's a metal bush with internal and external thread. Installed into threaded holes guarantees it's self-locking effect thanks to the dowels. Suggest for low resisance materials where it's important to have an high torque force. Available also with self-locking internal thread.

  • Keep-Nut

    KEEP-NUT is a revolutionary press-in insert with mechanical anchoring to create threaded seat on panels, even thin, made of marble, granite or other stone materials, and moreover on composite, carbon, corian ®, HPL, glass, and others compact materials.

  • Fastmount

    Il Fastmount è un sistema rivoluzionario, brevettato che permette il rapido fissaggio di rivestimenti removibili e non. Il Fastmount è antivibrante inoltre garantisce precisi allineamenti e perfette finiture nella posa di pannellature interne ed esterne. La praticità del sistema permette con la semplice trazione lo sgancio e la rimozione del pannello, agendo con la singola pressione si ottiene l'assemblaggio conservando il posizionamento di origine. Il Fastomunt è stato progettato e sviluppato per soddisfare le esigenze nell'industria dei trasporti, aeronautica, nautica, costruzioni, arredamento, allestimenti ecc.

  • Elic-Wood

    Self-threading bushes designed with a metric internal thread and a special external thread with a large adhesion surface providing safe and strong tightening properties on soft material assemblies. Particularly suitable for wood and wood by-products.

  • Griff-Nut

    A press-forged nut equipped whit four special jaws for anchoring soft materials, especially wood and wood by-products. This part ensures particular tensile stress and torsion strength.

  • Espand-Nut

    A brass threaded bush to be pressure installed. Part anchoring takes place by expansion as soon as the bush is tightened. Particularly suggested for soft material assemblies, especially wood and wood by-products.