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Press in self-anchoring threades inserts

Keep Nut

KEEP-NUT® is an approved and certified insert to create threaded seats on panels made of marble, granite or other natural stones, as well as composites, carbon, Corian, HPL, glass and other solid surface materials.

The ease and fast press-in installation without any adhesive and the mechanical anchoring within the receiving material, makes Keep-Nut® a revolutionary and reliable fastening system.

KEEP-NUT® is manufactured in stainless steel and it is made of a threaded bush with a set of elastic crowns and a plastic ring for holding the complete set of parts.

KEEP-NUT® obtained the European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0615 as fastener for the rear fixing of façade panels according to EN 14411:2012


Ventilated facades, wall cladding, décor and interiors, furniture and shopfitting, kitchen and bathroom elements, funerary art, as well as several other applications


KEEP-NUT® inserts have several advantages compared to other fasteners for stone and solid materials.

The preparation needed is just a cylindrical hole – an undercut hole is not required – which means that standard tools can be used. In addition, assembly by pressure is quick and easy and does not require use of any additional resins or adhesives.

KEEP-NUT® inserts can be used for hidden assemblies without any protruding parts, facilitating the handling and installation of a variety of materials. In use, the crowns are engaged by axial force, acting radially against the hole wall, effectively permanently locking the insert in place.

In addition, the internal thread does not run completely through the bush, which prevents extraction as a result of the use of an excessively long screw.


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