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Specialinsert®, a leading industrial company specialized in selling and manufacturing fasteners that are solely Made in Italy, celebrates its 45th anniversary by exceeding the target of a turnover of 10 million euros and rewards its employees with a Mediterranean cruise in October. A journey along the Italian and French coasts that will involve all 62 employees, including the new hires of 2019 (and their families), for a total of more than 200 guests.


Cinzia Arduini, CEO of Specialinsert®,says: “We have shared an ambitious goal with our employees and, thanks to their daily efforts, we have been able not only to achieve it but to exceed it” and continues “We would like to thank every single employee who has contributed to this milestone, participating in the constant growth of Specialinsert® with excellent results over the last three years, also considering our expansion in foreign markets. To date there is an 11% turnover increase compared to 2018: our journey continues on the wave of success and the cruise will be a special moment to celebrate together the important date of the 45th anniversary of the company.”


Founded in 1974 by Piero Arduini, Carlo Gatti and Dino Lisso, Specialinsert® has always been manufacturing all its products in Italy: today, this happens in Turin (where there are also located the legal headquarters) and in Maerne di Martellago (located in the Venice area). In addition, in the Milan branch there is a warehouse with sales and marketing offices. The second generation of the Arduini’s and Lisso’s families, holding tight together the helm of the Company, continues to follow the path traced from the beginning, guiding Specialinsert® on a path of continuous growth that is strongly oriented to excellence. Key competitive features are product innovation and R&D: currently, Specialinsert® holds six trademarks, three invention patents and ten utility models’ patents, plus has to its credit collaborations with prestigious Italian and foreign universities.


Specialinsert® is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified to guarantee its optimal quality management system, and also obtained the IATF 16949:2016 certification in 2018. The alignment with the standards that regulates the entire Automotive supply chain has given  momentum to the business’ development, reconfirming the company as industry’s top partner.


Significant investments, of more than 2.5 million euros, have been made in enabling technologies with a 4.0 Plan focus: the Specialinsert® smart factory pursues the maximum integration of processes between the three locations, now monitored in real time thanks to the installation of a ERP management, where  90% of the plants are interconnected. The introduction of machinery with numerical control and state-of-the-art instrumentation to check the quality of 100% of products, as well as resources allocated for process automation, not just within production departments but also in Laboratory, Research&Development and Logistics, complete the 4.0 Plan.


“We strongly believe in the essential value of human capital as the engine of our growth and, for constant skills’ refinement, we have allocated significant resources in the implementation of a structured training plan” says Cinzia Arduini, and concludes “Together with us, our staff has grown and expanded further, thanks to the inclusion of new profiles engaged in strategic business areas in key roles. Specialinsert® intends to continue to actively contribute to the development of the territory in which it operates: further ambitious projects are ahead of us and, in order to complete them, we will continue on focusing on people, leveraging the talents of our local communities.”